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Features and Advantages of RavTrack

Personnel Monitoring and Alerting

The RavTrack GPS tracking system from Raveon Technologies Corporation provides continuous GPS tracking and safety monitoring of personnel and vehicles. It works virtually anywhere in the world.
Quickly locating personnel is beneficial to search and rescue crews, crucial to ensuring the safety of personnel, and very helpful in creating a clear picture of a situation. Commanders can review exercises, replay incidents, and monitor trainee performance.

Features and Advantages of RavTrack Include:

  • No Internet, Cellular carrier, Google, or Computer network required
  • Ultra Long Range Communication in woods, forests, and anywhere
  • Very quick GPS position transmissions. Even twice a second
  • Alert button for manually signaling for assistance
  • Automatic Man Down and Motion sensors to alert users of diminished activity
  • VHF transponders for excellent penetration in dense vegetation
  • TDMA protocol to track many transponders in real-time
  • Portable tablets and laptops for mobile tracking
  • Secure AES encrypted transmissions
  • Vehicle, airborne, and personal transponders
  • Multiple base-station options from hand-held to rack-mount hot-standby
  • Many software options. Open-interface for easy adaptation to existing apps.

How It Works

The RavTrack GPS tracking system uses narrow-band VHF and UHF radio channels to transmit the encrypted location and status of the GPS transponders back to Operation Centers, Remote Workstations, Mobile Base Station(s), to other transponders, and to portable Tablet GPS Tracking workstations. A repeater can be added in the system to extend the coverage to hundreds of square miles.

Because it uses high power VHF radio technology, the communication range is far better than most consumer wireless devices such as G3, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ISM band SS devices. And VHF bands work great in forests and woods and over water.

Software Options

Federal Users The United States Federal Government owns a number of software packages that are compatible with Raveon GPS transponders. The US Army has developed a soldier monitoring software application ideal for monitoring personnel during training exercises and land navigation. The Hits Software by Riptied is an excellent Soldier Monitoring Software program. Raveon is willing to support these packages, and continue on with their development.

3rd Party. Many other 3rd-party software options exist. See or contact Raveon sales for more information.

Proven System

VHF radio technology raveonThe RavTrack Personnel Monitoring and Alerting System is based on Raveon’s COTS hardware and years of GPS tracking experience. It is economical, but has been optimized for reliable non-tactical operations. Made from aluminum, the Atlas PT personal transponders are very rugged, and fully waterproof.
Raveon’s Atlas PTs are used on many military bases in the USA.

Easily Deployed

The system uses conventional VHF radio technology, and is often set up in less than an hour. It is totally portable and may be totally mobile, with no fixed base station required. Set up a base station (which can be done in less than an hour) and hand out the GPS transponders to people you need to monitor, and you are ready to go. GPS tracking may be helpful to your daily operations. But when someone is injured or lost, the Raveon GPS transponder is an incredible tool for the rescue team.

extended-battery-life-atlas-ptExtended Battery Life

The Atlas PT transponders were design to operate for days at a time. Their internal battery will typically run for 48-100 hours depending upon the reporting rate. An available gang-charger makes re-charging a large group of Atlas PTs very easy.
The battery condition is transmitted over-the-air, so anyone monitoring the system can determine battery life, signal strength, speed, heading, location, and alert status.
The power button can be configured to disable the ability to manually turn off the Atlas PT. An over-air command can turn it off, or dropping the Atlas in a gang charger turns it off.

Atlas PT Personal GPS Transponder

atlas-pt-modemThe Atlas PT GPS transponder is a rugged high-speed VHF or UHF data modem with a built-in quality GPS receiver. It can be set to output ½ to 5 watts of RF power, and can act as a transmitter or receiver (or both) of GPS location data.

The Atlas PT is light enough to be carried for days and is very rugged and waterproof.

It has an Alert LED that indicates an alert condition when a person presses the Alert Button. Using the two-way communication ability, a message may be transmitted to the Atlas PT to change the color of the Alert LED to signify the alert is responded to. The Atlas PT’s internal radio modem transmits its GPS location, status, speed, altitude, and time. Its modem is a two-way VHF radio link, so data may also be sent to and from the Atlas PT via its RS232 serial port, if custom applications require additional communications.


  • Training

    Study your training exercises in real-time, The ATLAS PT allows you to capture the activities of any trainee group and save them for later replay and critique. Trainees can request support or alert operations to a critical situation.

  • Safety

    When someone with an Atlas PT radio is injured, lost, scared, or needs help, they can press the alert button, notifying managers and security personnel that help is needed. The Atlas continues to send the alert and location, so the person looking to help can easily find the injured person and quickly save them.

  • Monitoring

    Know where your personnel are while battling any situation. Coordinate team efforts, and minimize unnecessary dangerous exposures. Also, with Raveon’s Man Down ALERT! button, your personnel can immediately summon help to their position.

  • Fire Fighters

    Know where your personnel are while battling any situation. Coordinate team efforts, and minimize unnecessary dangerous exposures. Also, with Raveon’s Man Down ALERT! button, your personnel can immediately summon help to their position

  • Police

    Know where your officers and first-responders are no matter their mode of travel. See the tactical situation in real-time, identify who is closest to the scene, and respond with the right person in the right place, at the right time

  • Search & Rescue

    Coordinate, in concert, the efforts of your rescue personnel. Retain and refer to a dynamic map record of all areas searched, ensuring thorough coverage. Proactively equip outbound people with an ATLAS PT and pinpoint their location at any time.

Mobile GPS Transponders

The M7-GX and RV-M21 GPS transponder is a rugged VHF data radio modem with a built-in 12-channel GPS receiver. They are designed to be vehicle mounted, or used as a base station. They are available in a number of different configurations: standard, commercial weatherproof and industrial weatherproof.

Long-Range Operation

Operating in the VHF 150-174 MHz frequency band, the M7 GX Transponder can communicate as far as 50 miles (depending upon terrain). All M7 GX Transponders also can store-and-forward repeat for wide-area coverage.

Flexible Reporting

The M7 GX may be configured to transmit position and status reports at pre-set time intervals(programmable), when it has moved a certain distance(programmable), when an I/O changes, or a combination of these.

Over-The-Air Diagnostics

The configuration and operation of a M7 GX may be remotely tested using over-the-air commands from any other M7 in the system.

Simple to Interface

The Atlas PT and M7 Transponder is very simple to use and works with a multitude of other software, plotters, and GPS displays including:

  • Lowrance GPS displays and navigation
  • Garmin hand-held GPSs
  • Any GPS with an RS-232 NMEA interface
  • RavTrack PC software by Raveon
  • Marine Radar Displays

Many systems utilize the $PRAVE message format for outputting the GPS and status information that is received from an Atlas PT or GPS transponder. The $PRAVE message is a high definition message protocol that outputs real-time data including:

  • Device ID
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Altitude
  • UTC time
  • Voltage or battery capacity
  • Alert status
  • Motion status
  • GPS signal quality.

Base Stations

Raveon’s RavTrack uses VHF radio channels. A base station can be a one-way receive-only device to receive the GPS location and status messages from the GPS transponders. Alternatively, it can be a two-way link to send back data or commands to the GPS transponders.

To expand coverage, a system may use as many base stations as needed to cover the area where the system must operate. A single system may use any combination of the following base stations.

M7-GX and RV-M21

These data radio modem may be used as a base station. They operate off of 12V DC input, and whenever it receives a GPS location message from a GPS transponder it will output the location using its RS-232 serial port or USB. Connect it to a PC, laptop, or tablet, and monitor the transponders live.

Rack-Mount Hot-Standby

The RV-SMB series of 1-U rack-mount base stations feature built-in dual power supplies, dual transceiver modules in hot-standby, antenna switch to switch between transceivers, and a multi-port terminal server.

One of these racks can support multiple GPS tracking computers logging into them.

On-Site Portable Base

Raveon’s RAWC base station is a rugged Laptop in a weatherproof carrying case. Built into the case is a base transceiver, back-up battery, GPS antenna, external RF antenna connection, and battery charger.

Take the RAWC on-site, set it up in minutes, and have a GPS tracking system running wherever you need one.

Tracking with Tablet Computers

Connect the USB port of a Windows tablet PC to an M7 or Atlas PT, and you can walk around with a portable GPS tracking station.

Keep an Eye out when you Can’t be There

Raveon’s RavTrack technology allows you to keep an eye on people in the dark (all night long). Deploy the transponders before they leave; sit back and watch as the night progresses.

Monitor the whole situation, even in remote areas where few can venture.

Let Raveon by Your GPS tracking Partner

Raveon’s Technologies Corp. is a small business in Carlsbad, California. Raveon has been developing the RavTrack technology since the mid-1990’s, and has thousands of transponders in use around the world.

We are unique in the GPS tracking business because:

      1. We own 100% of the technology for GPS tracking. We manufacture the transponders, chargers and base stations. We developed our own GPS tracking software and invented the Cigorn Gateway for creating huge GPS tracking systems.
      2. No Recurring Fees. RavTrack is one of the only systems that does not use cellular or satellite links, so there are no air-time fees – ever.
      3. Experience in Military, mining, racing, and Personnel Monitoring. Raveon’s GPS transponders are used at many military bases in the USA to monitor soldiers during training. This is an ideal application for RavTrack, and our solutions are the most economical and best fit for this application.
      4. Custom Hardware and Software. Raveon’s engineers often modify and update the features and functions of our products to better suit our customer’s needs. Let us know what you need.

If you need to monitor personnel, or make sure people in remote areas are safe and can quickly get help if they need it, contact Raveon for more information about this system.

Raveon Technologies Corporation
2320 Cousteau Court
Vista, CA 92081

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