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Public Safety AVL Systems

Quicker Response – Reduce problems – Save time and increase situational awareness using GPS

RavTrack helps improve your department’s productivity, officer safety, and your community’s security. GPS tracking shows you the “big picture” of how your public safety vehicles are utilized and where your officers and first responders are located. It speeds dispatching, and automatically identifies where resources are needed. It allows dispatchers and management to see all vehicle positions in real-time, not a few minutes ago. Updates can be as often as a few seconds.

For first responders, the exclusive RavTrack capability of an in-vehicle display of all other vehicles’ location will reduce response time, clarify real-time situations, and provide valuable status information of backup and support personnel. Each team member can locate the entire team allowing more efficient coordination.

Raveon’s RavTrack AVL system is one of the only Automated Vehicle Tracking systems on the market that does not require any infrastructure, has no monthly recurring costs, does not rely on cellular networks, and does not need internet access to operate. It is an exceptional choice for public AVL systems, and has many unique features for public safety AVL.

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Police and Fire Chiefs can monitor the location of all vehicles to ensure that:

  • Response and assistance is dispatched to the correct location.
  • Officers are patrolling the correct neighborhoods and areas.
  • Staff are not entering into designated keep-out areas.
  • The concerns of citizens about frequency and duration of patrols are addressed.
  • Recall location, speed, and direction information for court evidence.
  • Coordinate interception in real-time when pursuing a fleeing vehicle.

Because the RavTrack system is a stand-alone UHF system, there are no wireless carrier fees and no recurring fees. It also keeps working when wireless carriers and cell-phone systems fail.

Raveon’s RavTrack AVL system improves your department by:

  • Improving dispatcher’s efficiency
  • Reducing emergency response time
  • Assessing tactical situations with more information on available assets
  • Identify unsafe driving habits and dozens of other alert conditions
  • Quickly search for specific vehicles or nearby vehicles
  • Improve safety
  • Verify compliance with patrolled area boundaries
  • Check for unauthorized vehicle use and reduce fuel costs.
  • Use the log file to document where officers and have been and have not been.
  • Provide valuable court evidence of vehicle movements and location.
  • Assist directing officers in hot pursuit.
  • Reduce cost by eliminating recurring wireless fees.

A real-time vehicle tracking system uses Raveon’s low-cost M7 GX transponders and a map display. The map display may be a navigation display such as the Lowrance 540C, or Raveon’s RavTrack PC software program running on any Microsoft Windows computer. Raveon’s GPS transponders work with many 3rd-party GPS tracking software applications, displays, and dispatch software.

Track your vehicles with Raveon’s GPS transponders from within the vehicle, on-site at a command center, or at the main dispatch center. Raveon provides a complete vehicle tracking system, with no recurring fees. Simply install the transponders in the vehicles you wish to track, and plug a Windows PC or Navigation display into our M7 GX transponder and begin tracking. With RavTrack PC software, you can log the routes your vehicle’s take, monitor speed and idle time, quickly identify the location of vehicles, and create virtual keep-out zones.

Raveon offers a number of system configurations to meet the needs of any force size. The “Basic” system does not even need a computer to operate. The RavTrack PC Software may be used at dispatch or the command center to locate and track vehicles. Raveon’s partner, Global Mesh, has a sophisticated tactical communications system, which utilizes our M7 GX transponder for vehicle tracking.

RavTrack Basic

RavTrack Basic is the easiest way to make a GPS tracking system using two or more RV-M7 transceivers, and a suitable mobile plotter. The in-vehicle display can be a PC, or a NAV system such as the Lowrance 540C Navigation Display. With one RV-M7 connected to the Lowrance plotter it will show the location of all vehicles with RV-M7 transceivers within radio range.

RavTrack PC

Raveon’s RavTrack PC application is for the displaying, tracking, alarming and logging of the activity in a vehicle tracking system based upon the M7 GX transceivers. This easy-to use application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people or anything equipped with an RV-M7 transceiver. The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg

Atlas PT

Raveon’s ATLAS PT is a Personal Tracking System that provides immediate location, tracking, and alerting of while engaged in critical activities. The ATLAS PT is ideal for mission critical personal observation.

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