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Live real-time GPS location and status while in the field.

You work in some very remote areas. Mobile telephone coverage is nowhere to be found. The conditions are harsh and the elements challenge you. This is where Raveon’s GPS tracking can save you time, keep people safe, and be a valuable too helping you coordinate your teams.

Using Raveon’s GPS Equipment and Vehicle Tracking system, you know where all of your equipment, personnel, and operators are located, and how they are being used, with no recurring fees. RavTrack uses VHF and UHF radio channels, so no public infrastructure is needed. You will also know if geo-exploration or drilling site equipment is being moved without permission, even after hours, with location data provided by global positioning satellite.

Because the RavTrack system works everywhere, you can use it off-shore, in the deserts of Africa, or the Arctic tundra.

But GPS-based equipment management goes beyond simply mapping and tracking vehicles. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking is about delivering constructive, real-time information about your workforce shown on a map image of your choice. Information that you can use to increase profit and improve productivity.

RavTrack improves the construction site by:

  1. Quickly locating specific vehicles using GPS tracking
  2. Track valuable assets (rigs, generators, trailers)
  3. Accurately locate your exploration team.
  4. Identify idle items.
  5. Automatically log vehicle location and status to a server.
  6. Enforce work-zones.
  7. Reduce theft and loss.
  8. Monitor equipment from any number of PCs.
  9. Use commercial GPS navigation displays to see everyone’s location.

Create a real-time tracking system using Raveon’s M7 GX transponder and a simple map display. The map display may be a navigation display such as the Lowrance 540C, or our own RavTrack PC software program running on any Microsoft Windows computer. No internet connection is required to track vehicles or to display map imagery.

With RavTrack PC software, you can alert a supervisor, or guard it equipment is improperly moved, speeding, or in a location it should not be. Alerts may be on a PC, via email, or SMS to a mobile phone. All without any recurring fees.

You can also track your equipment with Raveon’s GPS transponders from within the cab of yourvehicles or on-site at the main office. Raveon provides a complete AVL tracking system, with no recurring fees. Simply install the transponders in the vehicles you wish to track, and plug a Windows PC or Navigation display into our M7 GX transponder and begin tracking. With RavTrack PC software, you can log the routes your vehicle’s take, monitor speed and idle time, and create virtual keep-out zones.

RavTrack Basic

RavTrack Basic is the easiest way to make a GPS tracking system using two or more RV-M7 transceivers, and a suitable mobile plotter. The in-vehicle display can be a PC, or a NAV system such as the Lowrance 540C Navigation Display. With one RV-M7 connected to the Lowrance plotter it will show the location of all vehicles with RV-M7 transceivers within radio range.

RavTrack PC

Raveon’s RavTrack PC application is for the displaying, tracking, alarming and logging of the activity in a vehicle tracking system based upon the M7 GX transceivers. This easy-to use application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people or anything equipped with an RV-M7 transceiver. The display map may be any graphic images, bitmap or .jpg

Dynamic Survey Solutions

GP Seismic is the product of Dynamic Survey Solutions, geared towards the seismic survey industry.

GPLocator by Dynamic Survey Solutions is an application capable of tracking up to 100 vehicles simultaneously in real time. GPLocator allows each vehicle to be configured with regard to its symbol type, color and label. Several serial and network communication protocols are supported, including interfaces for Raveon’s M7 series GPS transponders.

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