A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing […]

Digital Odometer Accuracy

Digital Odometers are incorporated into some Raveon GPS transponders such as the M7-GX.  They work very well, but you will see a difference in reading between the digital odometer reported by a GPS transponder and the odometer on the dashboard. A GPS transponder with GPS uses its GPS location to calculate distance .  Every second […]

Displaying A Snail Trail

RavTrack PC has the ability to place “Track Dots” on the map as tracked objects move around.  There are a number of user-configurable features in RavTrack PC that facilitate the Track Dot display, such as color and frequency of the dots.  To enable Track Dots, open: File > Program Properties > Units and Display This […]

Why Use VHF/UHF GPS Transponders Instead of Cellular Connected Devices

Often a system decision comes down to cellular vs. VHF/UHF RF communications. Cellular based GPS transponders and cell phones rely on a public cellular radio networks to connect to the carrier’s network, which then passes the GPS location information to the end user via the Internet. VHF/UHF radio networks utilize private licensed radio frequencies to […]

Why Use GPS Trackers Instead of Two-Way Radio?

  Sometimes two-way voice radios can be used for safety and personnel locating.  When trying to decide if a dedicated GPS transponder like the Raveon ATLAS PT or a voice radio is the right choice, keep these important points in mind: You will know where everyone is at all times.  A GPS Transponder operates at […]

GPS Antenna Selection

The selection of a proper GPS antenna for a GPS tracking system is very important.  The main criteria to keep in mind when choosing a GPS antenna to work with your Raveon M7 series GPS transponder is: Amplified.  The antenna must have a build in RF amplifier that will operate off of 3.3V DC.  The […]

Wireless Proximity Alert

Raveon offers many options for wireless proximity alerts. A proximity alert system can be as simple as connecting a light or buzzer to the a M7 data radio or it can use RavTrack PC to visualize tracked objects as they move. Proximity alerts may be set on portable transponders to trigger when they get near […]

GPS+IOS and Android

Before ordering a GPS tracking radio it might be useful to test GPS satellite reception in the areas you are planning to use the tracking devices and which may seem problematic due to overhead coverage. For GPS-log testing with your Android phone we recommend to download this free app. It will provide details on the […]

GPS Odometer

Raveon M7 GPS transponders with firmware version D1 or higher allows for the transmission of an electronic “GPS Odometer”. The GPS Odometer is a virtual odometer, not the actual vehicle odometer reading. It is implemented by integrating the distances travelled, based upon GPS locations.  With every GPS position/status message the M7 transponder sends, it can […]

iPhone and Android App for Radio GPS tracking

These are some screen-shots from the HTML5 App that the techs from the University of Missouris build to use with the Raveon M7-GX GPS transponder.