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UHF/VHF Rack Mountable Base Station

While all of Raveon’s M7 series radios will work as base station, repeater or transponder, the RV-SMB features a 1U rack-mountable 19” high-speed UHF or VHF network attached radio modem chassis, with redundant 5 watt radio modems, redundant power supply, and GPS transponder receiver which interoperates with the M7-GX line of GPS radio modems.

Features include:

  • 2-Port terminal server.
  • Automatic RF output switching.
  • Dual GPS RF connections, enabling hot-standby of GPS-enabled radio modules.
  • Redundant radio module, which can be configured in reserve-standby mode (backup radio is powered down until it is needed)
  • hot-standby mode (backup radio is always powered)



  • Size: 482.6mm X 45.0mm X 375.0mm
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Radio Module Serial Communication Rates (programmable): 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 115200
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature range: 0ºC to +50ºC
  • Internal fuse: 6A

User Input/Output

  • Network Interface: 10/100 Base-Tx RJ-45 Connector
  • Console Interface: RS-232 DB-9, 9600 baud, DTE
  • Transceiver RF: 50 ohm N-Type
  • GPS Antenna connector option: TNC 50 ohm (2), 3.3V for amplified antenna
  • Power onnector: IEC C14 Inlet


  • Maximum RF power output: ½ – 5 watts
  • Maximum duty cycle: 50% at 2W, 25% at 5W
  • Maximum transmit frequency deviation: ± 2.25kHz
  • RF Bandwidth: 20MHz, no-tune
  • Occupied bandwidth: 11 kHz (12.5kHz channels) / 15.3kHz (25kHz channels)
  • TX spurious outputs: < -70dBc
  • Emissions designator: 11K0F1D (12.5kHz channels) / 15K3F1D (25kHz channels)


No-tune bandwidth 20MHz
RX selectivity -50dB (12.5kHz channel spacing)
-65dB (25kHz channel spacing)
Spurious and image rejection -75dB
RX inter-modulation rejection -70dB
Conducted spurious emissions -53dB


Number of channels 12
Horizontal accuracy (24 hour static) <2.5m 50%, <5m 90%
Acquisition (-130dBm, 50%) <40sec cold start, <10sec hot start
Sensitivity Tracking -150dBm, Acquisition -142dBm
NMEA Output sentences WPL, TLL, GLL, GSV, PRAVE
Position report rate, programmable 1 to 9999 seconds
Position report resolution 0.0001 degrees
Voltage report resolution/accuracy 0.1V/10%
Temperature resolution and accuracy 2 degrees C/2 degrees C
Number of digital inputs 2
Velocity resolution and accuracy 1km / 1km per hour
GPS connector SMA

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