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Miniature Tracker

Track your things on your own private and secure radio network. No monthly fees.

The RV-V50 Miniature GPS Tracker is a secure, high-performance, long-range wireless GPS/GLONASS transponder. This radio is offered either with a LoRa radio or a cellular modem. For extended security, AES-128 encryption is available.

It is a small and rugged, perfect for human asset tracking and mounting in things like cars and golf carts. It has an integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna and a reverse-polarity (RP) SMA connector for connection to an external RF antenna.

Since the internal radio modem is configurable, this manual will not go into detail in topics of specific radio functionality or control. Please reference the appropriate radio module manual for further description of radio functionality.

This tracker is available in various RF bands: VHF 150-174MHz, License Free MURS band, and license free  902-928MHz ISM band. Here is more information about License Free Radio bands.

Long-Range Operation

With the ISM option, the unit communicates over 1 to 30 kilometers to a Wireless Hub. Range depends upon terrain, and is 50X better than most radio modems in its class. Additional wireless hubs can be added to extend coverage. Quality and elevated Hub antennas give a system incredible range.

Private Network

The V50 communicates with Raveon’s unique Skyline system.  The Skyline Wireless Hub is a private base station that collects the data and GPS information from the V50/51, decrypts it, and passes it on to the user’s applications.  Hubs are inexpensive and can be added to the system to extend range around multiple locations.  You own them, so there are no recurring fees associated with them. The system utilizes AES encryption, so it is secure and private, and works anywhere in the world.

The RV-V50 PDF data sheet is here.  The V50 utilizes Raveon’s RavTrack TDMA tracking technology, for fast and efficient tracking.

  • Low Cost of Ownership – Raveon GPS Transponders are inexpensive and radio service is free. There are no recurring fees!
  • Very Fast Location Updates – Up to 20-reports/second.
  • Quickly Generate Alerts – Alert by speeding, idling, Geo-fences, battery voltage, proximity, zone speed, and many other conditions.
  • Many Mapping Options – Raveon’s RavTrack PC is just one of the many software applications that work with RavTrack transponders to make a complete vehicle tracking system.
  • Alert in many ways – Alert the operator visually, with sounds, send email, execute programs, and log to disk.
  • Prevent Theft.  Use this for asset racking, cart tracking, vehicle tracking, and making sure you know when they are trying to being stolen, and you can go find them if they are stolen.

  • Monitor Sensors – Each transponder has 3 digital inputs for panic switches, door alarms, etc…
  • Reports    speed, heading, altitude, proximity, voltage and temperature sensors.
  • Personal Location – Send position, status and has man-down alert and manual alert capability.
  • Geo-Fence – Sets perimeters for allowed/non-allowed geographical area, and speed limits within fences.


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