RavTrack PC by Raveon Technologies is a Windows AVL software application for displaying and tracking the activity of Raveon’s GPS Transponders (both vehicle trackers and personnel trackers). It displays the location of the tracked vehicles on a map image, and has a rich set of features for monitoring and reporting on system activity. The screen is designed with the dispatcher and supervisor in mind. Users love how easy it is to quickly locate vehicles, identify alerts,and determine the nearest resource. Because RavTrack PC it is not web-based, the user interface is very fast, responsive, and feature rich. And the RavTrack PC AVL software does not require Internet connection to show maps.

This easy-to use GPS tracking software application displays the location and status of trucks, cars, vessels, helicopters, people, or anything equipped with RavTrack Transponders. The displayed map may be any graphic image, bitmap, .tiff, or .geotiff, or .jpg. RavTrack PC is a excellent single-user or multi-user vehicle tracking program.

RavTrack PC’s quick-locate feature, managed alerts, fast-response time, and a rich set of alert rules makes the solution ideal for use in dispatch centers, public safety offices, campus security, and firehouses.

Contact Raveon for the complete RavTrack PC user manual.

Click Here to see the RavTrack PC Software License terms and conditions.

Click on this link to view the RavTrack PC Revision Log.

Current version is version 6.5. Download a free trial here.

Raveon has recently released RavTrack PC 6 with many new features:

  • It Works with the new WayWORD mobile data terminal.
  • Use RFID tags to identify drivers.
  • Send text messages to in-vehicle displays.
  • Display the status information from the 8 status buttons/leds.
  • Display the status codes drivers enter.
  • Each tracked object can be assigned to a configurable IO Profile that defines the meaning of inputs and status.

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