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OEM GPS Modules

Raveon regularly designs and manufactures OEM tracking solutions for commercial and military applications that excel in performance and reliability.

Raveon OEM products solve very unique tracking and communication needs. From semi-custom products based upon Raveon’s existing technology, to fully custom designs, Raveon can deliver a wireless solution at an off-the-shelf price. If you need an embedded wireless modem, or a complete custom wireless tracking product, talk to Raveon about designing and manufacturing your wireless solution.

To help us better understand your needs, include information about the size, power requirements, frequency band, and desired data rate of the product you need.

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OEM Features

  • Raveon is dedicated to the success of our OEM partners.
  • This GPS tracking technology works anywhere in the world and no monthly fees.
  • It uses private and secure data radio networks.
  • Our base stations are very low-cost and reliable. Easy to setup one or dozens of base stations.
  • We can put your brand and logo on the OEM radio.
  • RV-M8 tracker could utilize various version of U-Blox receivers. To be able to also be able to enable Galileo or Glonass, the U-Blox Max M8Q receiver was incorporated into the RV-M8 transponder.
  • We have many OEM modules you can integrate into your system for reliable GPS tracking
  • Fast Tracking. These products use TDMA so you can very quickly track cars, planes, helicopters, assets, and people.

OEM GPS Tracking Modules

Raveon’s OEM GPS Tracking Modules can be integrated into your systems.

We have a variety of opens and frequency bands.  VHF, UHF, ISM, …

All are OEM trackers are smart modems, with powerful and secure protocols and data communications.

They have a built-in GPS receiver with TDMA transmission option.

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