AVL Software

AVL Software

Ravtrack Vehicle Tracking Software Options

There are numerous third-party PC-based software solutions for vehicle tracking and asset tracking available for use with the Raveon GPS transponders. RavTrack PC is Raveon’s AVL software, but many excellent 3rd-party vendors also support Raveon’s GPS transponders in their systems.

Following is a list of PC software applications that utilize Raveon’s $PRAVE message from the RavTrack transponder, to display position and status information.


GpsGate Server is a scalable web-based GPS tracking platform with native apps for iOS and Android. The software includes real-time tracking, reporting, dispatching, driver behavior monitoring, geofences, alerts & notifications, event rules, and more. There are multiple languages and map options.

The software is a white-label solution, allowing companies to brand it with their logo and offer tracking services under their own company name. GpsGate supports a broad range of industries including taxis, utility providers, sales/services organizations, public transport, police departments, cargo transport fleets, and car rental companies.

GpsGate Server can be hosted in the cloud or onsite. The hosted option offers a free 30-day trial, and the onsite installation is free for up to 5 users.


Web Viewer for Raveon GPS Transponders by Communications Anywhere. EzTrack is a web-based viewer to view and track vehicles, assets or personnel. EzTrack allows viewing on any Internet connected computer or mobile device, including Windows, IOs or Android devices. A demo is available to view via our website. EzTrack web viewer is for clients who have purchased the Raveon UHF/VHF GPS enabled radios. Once the Raveon system is installed, connection is made to the EzTrack web server via Raveon’s Ravtrack PC software or by installing a Terminal Server.

EzTrack is available as a hosted solution or as a client-installed solution.

  • The hosted solution allows you to connect your Raveon system to our servers and we provide you with login details for your own admin area. This solution requires an annual fee. With the client-installed solution we install the EzTrack viewer (via remote log in) on your servers and you own and control the viewer and admin area.
  • This solution is suitable for clients who would like to keep all aspects of their tracking in-house. There is no annual fee for this solution; it is a one-time purchase.


This PC software program by Raveon Technologies, is for basic GPS tracking systems. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Win 7/8 it utilizes Microsoft’s .NET framework providing a low-cost easy solution to construct a complete real-time tracking system. It has a powerful rules engine, uses Crystal Reports for custom reports, and can log and playback system activity. Designed with the dispatcher in mind, RavTrack PC makes it easy to manage many alarm and alert conditions.


GPSWOX is a web-app for tracking objects. Features include real-time tracking, notifications, history, alerts, geofencing, point of interest markers and you can even use a smartphone as one of the trackers. You can access GPSWOX from a computer, tablet or smartphone and it has a very modern look. The pages refresh quickly and the user interface is extremely intuitive.


Gurtam offers a full featured web-app for visualizing tracked objects. With features like geofences, alerts and a host of settings, their web app has all of the functionality you would expect from a tracking application. You can view tracked objects on the map or in list form.


The Homestation Instrumentation Training System HITS provides customizable production capabilities for Battle Tracking, Exercise Command and Control and After Action Reviews (AAR). HITS tracks locations of soldiers and vehicles and simulates weapons effects and engagements allowing units to “train as they fight” against living opponents. During the initial acquisition, only the Core components are required, as training needs change, additional components may be added.

HITS can be implemented using Raveon’s Personal Tracker.


CES software products are designed to offer real time vehicle data transfer with and without monthly service fees and compatible with most of the popular radio and wireless systems including Raveon™ M7 GX transponders, 2-way radios, radio trunking, satellite and cellular systems.

CES’s Power-trak 3 AVL software is ideal for public safety dispatch systems and fleet management systems. It has powerful mapping and reporting capabilties, and interfaces with many Computer Aided Dispatch systems.


Smart Tracking Enterprise is a multi-user multi-role GPS tracking system that provides ease of use, reliability, and data integrity. It uses ESRI maps an Oracle database and encapsulates the necessary requirements for task and resource management. It has integrated high speed response and visualization capability, combined with an accurate audit trail of all map actions and decisions provide a unique tool that can be used for all AVL applications.


StreetTrek by Comtran Associates Inc. running on the client’s PC receives AVL data over the Internet. From the client prospective it does not matter what kind of hardware generated original GPS data. StreetTrek is compatible with many AVL hardware types including Raveon’s RavTrack GPS transponders.

StreetTrek runs on it’s own – no general purpose browser like Internet Explorer is involved. GPS Data can be obtained from a local source or received over the Internet. StreetTrek offers solutions that will run on a PDA or a SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 5 OS or higher. Vehicles or Persons are represented by realistically looking graphics.


DataNet is a software product from DataLink Systems, Inc. DataNET Software is the result of over a decade of evolution. It has been used by U.S. and Canadian Government Agencies for secure GPS tracking and IP packet data routing. The current version offers unsurpassed adaptability.

Unlike ASP (Web Browser) software which ties the customer to a 3rd party server, DataNET is Client/Server based, allowing resellers to operate their own revenue generating hub or to sell to larger corporations and Government Agencies who want to operate their own private network.


GPLocator by Dynamic Survey Solutions is an application capable of tracking up to 100 vehicles simultaneously in real time. GPLocator allows each vehicle to be configured with regard to its symbol type, color and label. Several serial and network communication protocols are supported, including interfaces for Raveon’s M7 series GPS transponders.


Global Mapper Software LLC designs, develops, and distributes the Global Mapper software package. They are committed to bringing powerful GIS software within the reach of everyday users by combining unparalleled ease of use with a vast feature set and an amazingly low price. With the release of v10.01 in late 2008, GlobalMapper is compatible with Raveon™ M7 GX transponders.


MaxSea-NavNet software brings NavNet radar, Fish finding and chart control directly to a PC. The critical combination of the navigation network and software is the ultimate solution to serious boaters. Raveon’s M7 series of GPS transponders works with MaxSea software, allowing boaters and fishermen to track their support craft, buoys, air-support, and other vessels.


FalconView is a PC based Mapping Application developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute for the Department of Defense. The software is widely used by the US DoD and Allied countries, but historically it has not been available to the general public. Thanks to an initiative by the US Air Force, a Free and Open Source version of FalconView has been released. Falconview supports the NMEA “WPL” sentence input, so tracking up to 99 vehicles with it is very easy. It is also easily customized to support Raveon’s $PRAVE message, allowing it to track and display thousands of vehicles or personnel.