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Supervised Overview Navigation

SuperNav is an option for Raveon Technology’s RavTrack GPS tracking system. SuperNav is a GPS tracking system for heavy equipment, that provides not only common standard GPS tracking features, but also many advanced features to improve operator safety, prevent accidents, enhance situation awareness for the operator and supervisor, and automate updating and distribution of safety.

All heavy equipment GPS tracking systems provide basic features such as:

  • GPS Tracking of equipment at the supervisor’s computer
  • Reports of engine hours and distance traveled
  • Theft and un-authorized use detection

A Supervised Navigation system has all the standard GPS tracking features, along with a real-time two-way communications link between a supervisor station and the heavy equipment operator. The two-way SuperNav system has these added features:

  • Vehicle operators see a map of their work area with designated safe or unsafe zones created by the supervisor.
  • The in-vehicle map is a living image updated live from supervisor computer.
  • Vehicle operators see a historical trail of where they have travelled.
  • The vehicle may be equipped with visual and audible alerts, which trigger based upon zone boundaries.
  • Supervisor computer pushes safety boundaries, fences, and points to the display in the cab of each vehicle.
  • In-cab map changes are real-time, and stay synchronized to supervisor map.
  • Optional slope indicator inclinometer shows the roll-pitch of the vehicle on-screen.
  • No monthly fees because RavTrack SuperNav operates on UHF and VHF licensed radio channels.
  • RavTrack SuperNav even works where there is no cell service.

SuperNav Overview

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