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Reducing Engine Idling

With a RavTrack AVL system, your dispatchers and operators can monitor where everyone is, and what they are doing. And vehicle tracking is much more than putting an icon on a map. The RavTrack system is about managing your fleet and keeping aware of thier situation.

With RavTrack PC, It is simple to setup “Alert Rules” for any or all vehicles. Alert Rules may be configured to alert the operator when a particular vehicle has been idling too long. Alert Rules my be applied to a particular vehicle, a group of vehicles, or all vehicles.

The Alert Rule softare engine within Raveon’s RavTrack PC software program is a powerful tool for identifying idling vehicles. And once identified, a number of different actions may be taken.

  • Alert the operator using a pop-up window
  • Alert the operator buy highlighting the vechiles Icon on the map
  • Alert the operator by highlighting the “Alert” button on the map screen
  • With one-click the operator may view all active alerts and see which vehicle have been idling too long.
  • Send an email or SMS to notify a third-party of the idling problem
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