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A GPS tracking system for marinas, boat rentals, and other watercraft

Raveon’s asset tracking solutions gives customers the ability to focus on keeping up with their assets, instead of keeping up with monthly fees.  Using radio transmissions to broadcast received GPS messages, Raveon’s GPS transponders allow a marina operator to track all of their rental boats or other watercraft in real-time using a graphical display.  Competing […]

Displaying A Snail Trail

RavTrack PC has the ability to place “Track Dots” on the map as tracked objects move around.  There are a number of user-configurable features in RavTrack PC that facilitate the Track Dot display, such as color and frequency of the dots.  To enable Track Dots, open: File > Program Properties > Units and Display This […]

GPS Odometer

Raveon M7 GPS transponders with firmware version D1 or higher allows for the transmission of an electronic “GPS Odometer”. The GPS Odometer is a virtual odometer, not the actual vehicle odometer reading. It is implemented by integrating the distances travelled, based upon GPS locations.  With every GPS position/status message the M7 transponder sends, it can […]

iPhone and Android App for Radio GPS tracking

These are some screen-shots from the HTML5 App that the techs from the University of Missouris build to use with the Raveon M7-GX GPS transponder.

Campus Bus Tracking (Missouri State University)

Guest Blog posted by Corbin Campbell, Electronics Support Services Missouri State University Just a little history, our Assistant Director of Public Safety had a project for me. Missouri State University had the ability to GPS track the shuttle bus fleet for the students, faculty, staff, and public safety. This was done using a wireless carrier and through a smartphone […]

Mobile Man Down System for Fire and Rescue

The ATLAS PT should be the location device of choice for emergency responders that require situational awareness and cannot rely on cellular coverage or Internet access to track team members at all times. Since all Raveon GPS radios track all other ATLAS or M7 devices in their range without needing to connect to a base […]

GPS Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy depends on a variety of conditions coming together at a particular location and time, including distortion of GPS signals as they travel through the ionosphere and errors in the position (ephemeris data) transmitted by GPS satellites. For most end users, accuracy is heavily influenced by having usable signals from more than 3 GPS satellites. Positions […]

Driver Fatigue Management

Spectrum Fatigue, a South Africa based company focused on the mining industry and the distributor of both the Raveon RavTrack real-time GPS tracking system and the new HaoNai Industrial MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitor in South Africa, has successfully integrated the MR688 with Raveon’s  RV-M7 “GX” series wireless GPS/data transponder for its driver fatigue management solution. […]

Off-Road GPS Tracking

Overview The Raveon M7 GX series of GPS transponders are excellent for real-time tracking of vehicles. They work in remote areas and have a very fast update rate. By installing a Raveon GPS transponder in an off-road race vehicle (buggy, truck, motorcycle, UTV, or quad) race teams and support personnel have an exciting new way […]

Configuring DB9 cable with Intel Atom Motherboard

If you are using an Intel Atom motherboard and processor combo as the base station for a Ravtrack vehicle tracking system, the computer may not boot properly due to the radio supplying a signal on the DB9 connector to the RD input of the computer.  When RD input (pin 9 of the DB9 RS232 serial […]