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Share GPS Location in Real-time with Twitter

RavTrack PC AVL software now provides all users with the functionality to update and broadcast GPS position to Twitter, the micromessaging service, automatically and without user intervention and in real-time.

Now that so many of our customers are using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we thought you would love the ability to share your location directly from Twitter. The new update to our RavTrack PC AVL software provides this new functionality in the latest version, which you can download here.

With Raveon’s GPS RavTrack PC AVL solution, users can create notification rules with a simple rule management engine to update Twitter once a vehicle or individual has entered a particular work zone, crossed a geofence boundary, or has arrived at their destination. Once the notification has been updated to Twitter anyone with a mobile phone or computer can be notified of the change in position.

Used in conjunction with Raveon’s RavTrack PC AVL solution and Atlas PL(personal locator) solution, company vehicles and personnel can now easily share their position, which lends itself to an endless variety of applications such as reporting the location of bus fleets to notify riders or allowing race cars to broadcast their track position to racing enthusiasts.

The possibilities for broadcasting location information are only limited to your imagination.

If you would like to know more about how to broadcast your GPS position or the position of your fleet to Twitter, please contact us at: 760-727-8004.

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