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Case Study: SCADA

Case Study: Apple Valley Heights Water District

About: Apply Valley Heights Water District provides water distribution to thousands of local residents throughout California. The district manages wells, tanks, pumps and stations to facilitate the delivery of water across multiple channels and distribution points.

The Challenge: Managing multiple water pumps in a mostly undeveloped wide area can be a daunting task, especially when you only know there’s a problem when something goes terribly wrong. The district depended greatly on the proper operation of installed Mercury switches to turn/off pumps with no automated alert system.

The Solution: SCADA facility management solutions for water operations and data management provided the much-needed system control and automation the district required. Raveon’s data radio modems are now used to remotely turn on/off pumps and provide vital equipment data whenever an event occurs. Pump problems are no longer a traumatic event as real-time immediate notification alerts allow management to quickly assess and access resources to troubleshoot and potentially solve issues from one.

“Raveon transceivers are accurate, simple, fast, and reliable.” – Daniel Smith,  General Manager Apple Valley Heights Water District


About: Criterion Automation specializes in industrial process solutions, from simple process control applications to complex plant automation projects.

The Challenge: A municipal water department required an upgraded wireless SCADA solution urgently, but had difficulty sourcing a data radio modem that was reliable and allowed for seamless integration with minimal downtime.

The Solution: “After searching for and testing several UHF radios to upgrade a municipal water department’s wireless SCADA system, RAVEON’s Fireline modem was chosen as the best performance/value solution. The simple and versatile ability of the Fireline to be quickly configured easily beat out the other radios on the market.” – Chris Carda, President of Criterion Industrial

For more than a decade, our company has been providing wireless data modems, radios, GPS tracking systems, and customized complex end to end solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations. We attribute our growth and long term relationships to our Customer Success Commitment, a thorough understanding of Customer requirements and outcomes, and a selective process of engaging our engineering teams with well established companies working on interesting projects designed to meet the demands of today, and challenges of tomorrow.

For more information on Raveon’s products and solutions, please contact Todd Santorelli at or (760) 537-5518

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