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RV-M7 GPS Transponder Features

  • Transmissions include ID, position, speed, heading, voltage, temperature, input/output status, UTC time, and proximity.
  • Ultra-fast 3mS TX-RX switching and 4-level GFSK modem allows truly “Real Time” tracking and status.
  • Outputs and accepts NMEA 0183 GLL, TLL, WPT, GSV, and PRAVE messages.
  • High-speed over the air data rates. 19200bps in 25kHz channel, 9600bps in 12.5kHz
  • Built-in TDMA channel access allowing truly real-time tracking (200 transmission in 10 seconds)
  • Very low current draw. As low as 25mA average
  • 16 bit addressing for up to 65,525 different unique IDs per channel.
  • Programmable proximity alert ( 1-9999 meters) and programmable position report rate (1-9999 seconds).
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