450-460 MHz 3 dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station Antenna


Frequency Range (MHz) 156-162
Gain 3 dBd
Bandwidth (MHz) Same as Freq Range (2:1 VSWR)
Electrical Downtilt 0
Power (watts) 250
Vert. Beamwidth 33 Deg
Termination N-Female
Jumper Supplied No
Mounting Hardware Optional FM2
Support Pipe Dia. (in.) 1-1/4
Overall Length (in.) 107
Wind Rating (mph) 125
Net Weight (lbs.) 8
Ship Weight (lbs.) 10

Base station antennas are at the heart of your GPS tracking system. It is vital they work well, and a great antenna will improve your the radio coverage of your system.

An important rule for radio system design is: put the best antenna you can afford at your base station and at your repeater sites. A good base station antenna is:

  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Weather resistant
  • Improved gain
  • UV protected

Raveon offers a variety of base station antennas for your GPS tracking system, varying in gain and frequency band.

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