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RavTrack PC Revisions

Version 5.2.11 (Oct 2013)

  • Added alert counter and alert history graph.
  • Color coded alert history table.
  • Improved behaviour of alerts triggered off digital inputs.
  • Geo-fence rules are no longer applied to transponders with no satellite lock.

Version 5.1.1(July 2013)

  • New server table ”Groupmembers” holds a common list of all groups and the transponders that belong to them.
  • New server table ”LanguageText” holds the text for various languages.
  • New server table ”Objectinfo” is a user-definable table holding general information fields about the transponders. Information from table is displayed in the Info tab for the transponder.
  • New Server table “UserRestrictions” contains the shared table defining the functions and features of the program that a particular user may perform.
  • LanguageText table may be imported and exported to/from XML.
  • “Keep Map Centered on selected object” is added to main screen “Jump” menu
  • Zoom in/Out buttons may be displayed on map.
  • Info tab added to tracked object information window. Text may be defined by user in ObjectInfo table.
  • “Display System Event Log”, “List of Tracked Objects” table, added to View drop down list
  • View Selected Object Info pops up re-sizable window with details on the selected tracked object. Window may be scaled to full-screen.
  • Additional non-docked windows added for list of tracked objects and viewing object information on computers with multiple monitors.
  • System Status window added for quick overview of system operation and number of transponders reporting and moving.
  • Alerts may have a background color associated with them, so that different alerts show a different background color on the alert list.
  • Users may be assigned a password and required to login when the program starts.
  • Users may be limited to viewing only certain groups.
  • Users may be restricted from performing various functions such as closing program, editing information, printing reports, creating rules, and clearing alerts.
  • User rights and groups are stored on the main “server” database, simplifying central administration.
  • Layers may be selectively turned on/off from the main screen drop-down list.
  • User Groups visible on screen may be selectively turned on/off from the User Groups drop-down list on the main screen.
  • A Jump drop down list lists all Points of Interest to easily change the center of the map to a POI location.
  • Program may be configured to keep map centered on Home, Local GPS, or some other tracked object.
  • A direction arrow may be enabled in the center of the map, showing current location and direction of travel for computer is going.
  • Optional Alert Finder feature pulses arrow in direction of the selected alerting object.
  • Zoom buttons and alert finder optimized for touch-screen and Windows 8 operation.
  • $PRAVE message files may be imported and replayed on the map.
  • Log replay of historical position may be filtered by date, speed, altitude, direction, and geofences.
  • All reports converted to the SAP “Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010” format.
  • New Crystal Report added to graphically plot parameters from the historical log file.
  • Any of the 6 Communication Channels may be Serial, TCP/IP Socket Server, or TCP/IP Socket Client.

Version 3.1

  • Group Display: Added ability to select which user group(s) are to be displayed, using a drop-down list. The drop-down list is at the top of the main screen.
  • Log Management: Added “Manage Log” rights to user accounts restrictions. Individual login accounts can now be granted rights to backup the log, delete log entries, or prune the log table.
  • XP/Vista Directory Structure: Installations of 3.1 have moved the location of the /data, /maps, /sounds, /logfiles directories from the \ProgramFiles directory to the default user data directory on the computer.
  • Beginning with version 3.1, RavTrack PC will no longer install or look for these directories in the \ProgramFiles directory. It will install them in the default data directory as determined by the user’s settings and the Operating System.
  • On Windows VISTA installations, these directories will be created in the \ProgramData\Raveon\RavTrack PC\… directory. Note, on many computers, this is a hidden directory, so if you wish to access it manually through Explorer, you will have to change its attributes.
  • On Windows XP installations, these directories will be created in the \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Raveon\RavTrack PC\….
  • SQL Server 2008: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The database may now be stored in a Microsoft ACCESS format, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, or Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Layer Display: Added ability to individually select which layers to display on the map.
  • Event Logging: Added more system status information into the System Event Log File.

Version 3.0

  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database
  • Added automatic Log Table backup engine
  • Added Automatic Log Table pruning
  • Added ability to create Log-based reports from the active log, or a backup Log file
  • Added support for multiple-maps embedded within one single .maplib file
  • Added main-window drop-down selection of multiple maps
  • Added reverse-geocoding (address look-up) using Microsoft MapPoint 2010
  • Street address is now included in log entry
  • Added support for Microsoft MapPoint 2010. Display labeled Icons and list vehicles
  • Added ability to geo-fence filter reports
  • Added ability to limit alerts to specific times
  • Added ability to limit alerts to specific days of the week
  • Users can specify specific geo-fenced areas to create reports on the activity within them
  • Added Daily, Weekly, and Monthly vehicle usage reports
  • Added quick drop-down list of user-configurable locations on the map to jump to
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