Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

RavTrack is truly a real-time GPS tracking system. What others call “real-time” tracking is actually stale data, many minutes old. When your operation is fast-paced, nothing but up-to the second information will do. Unlike most other systems based upon GPRS, Edge, SMS and Satellites, RavTrack GPS tracking uses dedicated UHF radio channels to transmit position information at any rate you wish. GPS vehicle positions AND status information is available as fast as once-per-second. And with zero-cost for air-time, this valuable real-time performance is totally free.

The Raveon Real-Time Advantage:

  • Know when your vehicles or assets are moving and where they are at all times.
  • No additional cost for quicker update rates.
  • Very fast transceiver technology. 3mS T-R turn around. Up to 19.2K over-the-air.
  • TDMA protocol so there are never a channel-contention issues.
  • Compressed data allows position and full status report in as short as 20mS.
  • Easily track 100 Raveon model RV-M7 Transponders with 10 second updates, even through repeaters.

Low Latency

Raveon’s RavTrack system achieves its real-time advantage by using high-speed UHF and VHF data radios to transmit position messages and status reports. Dedicated UHF and VHF radios can transmit and receive position and status messages with only milliseconds of delay. Compared to the average message delays through a cellular-based network, a RavTrack system has 10-100X less delay.

Fast Updates

The M7’s TDMA protocol may be configured for up to 20 position reports per second (wide-band radios) and 10 per second (narrow-band radios). Hundreds of vehicles may be located in the same area, using the same radio channel, and transmitting position reports and status information.