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RavTrack PC Features

The features below are what make a RavTrack PC the right choice for real-time tracking:

  1. Real-time. See where your vehicles are NOW, not a few minutes ago. Position and status updates are available as quickly as every second. No other UHF tracking system has as fast an update rate as RavTrack.
  2. Works Everywhere. In the Office or In the Field. Track your vehicles and assets at field offices, temporary work sites, remote locations, or in the office. The RavTrack PC is a complete stand-alone tracking system. No server required. No Internet required. No satellite required. A single PC and an M7 GX Transponder is all that is required. The map on the display may be any graphics image, scanned map, or photo you choose.
  3. Visualize your organization. The displayed map can be your construction site, or your park, or your Golf Course, or your city. See where people are, or should be. See where they aren’t and should. RavTrack PC can show you your business in a way no voice system can. Zoom and switch between different maps with a click of the mouse. Custom track colors and a rich set if icons make viewing the situation on the map very intuitive.
  4. One-Click status. Tracking is one thing it does well, but do you want to know status also? One-click on an icon on the map or click an entry in the tracked-object table, and the user can see complete vehicle status including location, distance, heading, velocity, I/O status, temperature, voltage, altitude, and radio signal strength. Raveon’s unique vehicle-filtering interface allows the user with a simple click to display a sub-set of the tracked vehicles, such as moving, idling, stopped, alarming, and speeding. In the status tab, the user will instantly see a list of the 20 closes vehicles to the location or car chosen.
  5. Custom Alerts. Knowledge is power, and RavTrack PC gives you the power over your moving assets. Know where they are, when they move, how-long they are idle, or if they are miss-used. The RavTrack PC operator can be alerted to various transponder-specific events such as speeding, proximity to Points of Interest, Geo-fence violations, and digital input status.
  6. Database Driven. The information on all units being tracked is stored in a Microsoft Access SQL database. All movements and events are logged in a separate MS Access SQL database. Users may use Access and other SQL tools to create custom reports or interface with the data in real-time.
  7. Log Replay The user may select log entries to replay on the map, to show the past location and status information. Log Reports may be generated to report specific vehicle location over any time period.
  8. Up to 6 radio Channels. Expand the coverage with multiple radio channels. RavTrack PC will allow up to 6 radios to be connected to one PC, so up to 6 different RF channels may be utilized in the same area, or linked in via remote sites. Base-station radios may be connected via RS232 or TCP/IP.
  9. Low Cost Transponders. The highly integrated RV-M7 Transponder has a radio, modem, and GPS in one assembly. The per-unit cost is lower than any other UHF AVL product on the market. There is no cost for a wireless carrier or satellite provider.
  10. Secure. All position transmissions are encrypted, so that only radios with the same pass-key code can communicate. The pass-key itself cannot be read out of the radio, so even a stolen radios will not make the system less secure. The RavTrack PC program is also administrator-rights protected, allowing a view-only user mode, and total-control for the administrator.
  11. Advanced Features. Advanced features are configured when the Transponder is installed. The RavTrack Transponders have alarm inputs, status output pins for specialized applications.
    All RavTrack GX Transponders report position, velocity, time, temperature, voltage, altitude, I/O status, alarms, GPS signal quality, and radio signal quality in each transmission, so the system operator has enormous visibility to the status and location of his tracked objects.
  12. Managed Alerts. When a rule alert is generated, the operator may be notified, a sound played, an email sent, a log entry made, and/or an external program launched. The operator can acknowledge alerts, review active alerts, sort through the alert log, and easily locate the alerting vehicle.
  13. Google Earth. RavTrack PC communicates with Google Earth allowing the Tracked Vehicles to be displayed on the Google Earth earth view.
  14. Network/Internet data relay. RavTrack PC Pro version may be configured to forward position reports to other computers or IP addresses.This allows one PC to send the raw over-the-air position reports to up to 5 other computers on a local network or over the internet
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