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RadioManager is a free Windows XP/Vista/7/8 software application from Raveon that is used to configure Raveon’s data radio products. It is compatible with all Raveon radio models, and provides configuration management, as well as programming assistance, diagnostic information, and a helpful “band scope” feature. Raveon provides this application free to all customers.

Radio Manager features:

  • Supports all Raveon Radios (M3, M5, M7, Atlas, M8, and M7 GX series)
  • An easy to use graphical interface
  • Simplified editing of a radio’s configuration
  • Configurations may be stored to a file or retrieved from a file
  • Communications may be stored to a log file for later review or technical support
  • Intelligent parameter verification to help configure technical parameters
  • On-line help
  • Built-in terminal mode. COMx, Telnet client, Telnet Server modes.
  • Integrated WMX toolkit to assist with WMX message generation and parsing
  • “Auto-Detect Radio” feature searches through possible serial port settings
  • Band Scope feature graphically displays on and off channel signal levels

RadioManager is used to configure all of Raveon’s data radio products. The graphical interface makes configuring the radio very easy. Parameters are grouped together, and only parameters which were edited by the user are uploaded to the radio. This reduces the risk of unintentional changes to a parameter.

RadioManager’s “Band Scope” feature is a handy tool for site analysis. It displays activity on nearby channels, which can be helpful to the field technician or the site planner. Adjacent and on-channel interference can also be identified.


To Install RadioManager:

  1. Download the file, and store it to your hard disk.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file, and run the setup.exe program by double-clicking it.
  3. If you do not have Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework on your computer, this will be installed first, and then RadioManager will be installed. The .NET framework may take 5-20 minutes to install.
  4. Once Radio Manager is installed, select START > All Programs > Raveon > RadioManager.
  5. Configure the PC COM Port to the COM port you will connect the Radio radio to.
  6. Click “Discover Radio” and Radio Manger will find your radio and display the serial number.
  7. Click “Read Settings” and Radio Manager will read the setting from the radio, and display them.
  8. Edit your settings, and store them back to the radio with the “Store Updates” button.

To download RadioManager, <click here>

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