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Public Safety Features

The RavTrack AVL system has many features that make it an exceptional choice for tracking police cars, tracking fire trucks, and public saftety AVL.

Following is a list of the key features that make Raveon’s RavTrack AVL system the right choice for public safety AVL:

  1. UHF and VHF radio: The RavTrack system does not use cellular radio networks to sent the GPS postion and status reports. It uses conventional VHF or UHF radio channels which are faster, lower cost, and more reliable in emergencies.
  2. Fast Update Rates: WIth RavTrack, there is no fee for sending GPS position reports, so your vehicles can report as often as you would like. Unlike pay-per-location services, RavTrack transponders can report more often, and the latency between GPS position transmission and reception at dispatch can be measured in millisconds.
  3. Reliable: When disaser strikes, you do not want an AVL system that uses cellular radio networks. Build your AVL system using proven VHF or UHF radio channels, and locate the RavTrack infrastructure with your existing voice radios. Then, when the cellular system is jammed-up during an emergency, your AVL system will keep running without missting anything.
  4. No Monthly Fees: There are nor monthly fees with Raveon’s AVL products, and there are not annual software fees. There are no per-vehicle fees. The RavTrack AVL system is the most economical police car tracking system on the market.
  5. Powerful Historical Analysis: Raveon’s RavTrack PC software application has very sophisticated historical analysys capabilities to allow the operator to retrieve and report on past events. Retrieval of historical vehicle activity can be base upon any or all of the following: geographic location, speed, distance from a specific point, time of day, or day of week. For a complete list of RavTrack PC features:
  6. GPS Tracking at a Mobile Command Center. With RavTrack, no internet connection is needed. Track your squad cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and emergency personnel in real-time from headquarters, or from a mobile command center. VHF and UHF radio channels are excellent for real-time communications in the field. No infrastructure is needed to track your vehicles as long as they are within range. And Raveon’s M7 radio makes a quick store-and-forward repeater to extend the tracking range beyond the horizon.
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