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POWERtrak 3 AVL Software from CES Technologies

POWER-trak™ Vehicle Tracking Software from CES Technologies is a professional, real-time fleet management software system utilizing some of today’s most advanced technology. This innovative solution gives you the power to do everything from vehicle tracking, two-way messaging, vehicle status reporting, sensor and control monitoring, reports, credit card processing and complete integration to many third party market specific software packages, all from the comfort of your PC or laptop. This is not a web based solution; the software resides on your PC to provide fast processing. Available for a single computer or for a networked Server, it provides a multilevel, multi-user, multiple wireless network capability.



  • Complete PC/Server Tracking Solution (one off cost – no monthly fees)
  • Fast Graphical Data Processing
  • Supports Popular Wireless Network
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Google Earth Support
  • Alert Email Notification
  • Arrival Email Notification
  • Vehicle Status Grid
  • Look Up Addresses
  • User Defined Reports
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Define Locations and Zones
  • Vehicle Sensors and Controls Grid
  • 2–way text Dispatch & Messaging
  • Historical Data (no limitation)
  • Vehicle Activity Replay
  • Automate Email Alert Delivery
  • Optional Credit Card Processing
  • API for third party software integration
  • Integration to Web Server
  • High quality graphics for easy viewing
  • Fast zoom in or out without loss of resolution; no waiting for internet map download
  • One time cost – no monthly fee for software use
  • Custom icons; you decide what your vehicles will look like
  • Push-pins for important geographic locations like your shop, vendors or customer facilities
  • Maps reside on your computer, so no time consuming downloads or high speed internet required
  • High quality, street level map data for USA, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada
  • Good quality, street level map data for most other countries
  • Multiple windows to reduce cluttered screens
  • Easy-to-use interface; no difficult software to master
  • On screen panning allows you to follow a vehicle or route in any direction with ease
  • Select vehicles for detailed views
  • Text Messaging
  • Pre defined messages
  • Vehicle Status Grid
  • Sensors and Control panel
  • Replay vehicle activity anytime for any period since system deployment
  • Interface to third party software systems
  • Credit Card processing
  • Report… ..and more reports
POWER-trak™is a trademark of CES Technologies
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