No Recurring Wireless Fees

No Recurring Wireless Fees

The RavTrack system does not use public common-carrier infrastructure. You own the radio channel, and so there are no monthly fees, no connection charges, no activation charges, no cost-per-MB of data.

Because the airwaves are free, you can send and receive position and status information as often as you need. Real-time tracking no longer costs real money.


Typical monthly fixed cost

Additional cost for 1 minute updates (1MB data)

Additional cost for 10-second updates

Typical Annual service fees




$84 per month





0-$30 per month








Common carriers are needed when a vehicle tracking system must cover hundreds and thousands of square miles. For nation-wide GPS tracking, systems based on satellite-based radio transponders or cell-phone networks are ideal.

But, for local GPS tracking systems that cover cities, counties, parks, and marinas, the RavTrack system outperforms the wide-area systems with faster updates, more information, better status, and of course, no recurring fees.

No Recurring Hardware Fees

The hardware cost of Raveon’s GPS transponders is about the same as a cell-phone modem, GSM modem, or satellite radio modem with a GPS tracking receiver in it. A base-station is needed to build a RavTrack system, but the economical M7 transponder may also be used as the base station. Locate am M7 at a high location in the area, and it will easily cover 10s if not a hundred square miles.

No Obsolescence

Cellular-based wireless modems go obsolete at a remarkable rate. Many AVL transponders that use public wireless networks that were designed 5-10 years ago are no longer in service because the wireless carries update networks and all users must purchase new hardware. This does not happen with VHF and UHF tracking systems. Once you have a license for a radio channel, you can use it for decades. There are many VHF and UHF radios in service today that were first deployed 20 or more years ago.

GPRS, MicrBurst, and CDMAone are just a few wireless technologies used in AVL 10 years ago, and are now not supported by many carriers. Users had the discard their hardware and buy all new tracking devices. VHF and UHF based GPS tracking does not have this sorted history.

No Recurring Software Fees

Besides having no wireless network fees, Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system has the most software options of any tracking system, many of which are very powerful yet very economical.

RavTrack PCis Raveon’s GPS tracking software program. It is one of the only GPS Tracking software programs that does not require annual maintenance fees, monthly fees, or per-vehicle fees. Once you buy it, there are no more costs.