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Monitoring Speed

With a RavTrack AVL system, your dispatchers and operators can monitor the speed of each vehicle, and what they are doing. Because RavTrack has the fastest location update rate in the industry, not only is the location shown in real-time, but vehicle speed and heading are also transmitted in real-time. Most AVL systems on the market use update rates of one or more minutes between reports.   That is not real-time.  Raveon’s RavTrack system can provide updated reports as often as every second, and typical systems operate at 10-15 second intervals.   And vehicle tracking is much more than putting an icon on a map. The RavTrack system is about  managing your fleet  and keeping aware of their situation.

With RavTrack PC, It is simple to setup “Alert Rules” for any or all vehicles. Alert Rules may be configured to alert the operator when a particular vehicle has been speeding, going too slow, or speeding within a particular defined area. These Alert Rules my be applied to a particular vehicle, a group of vehicles, or all vehicles.

  • Trigger an Alert Rule based upon  a vehicle going too fast.
  • Trigger an Alert Rule based upon the vehicle going too slow
  • Speed rules may be confined to certain areas (geo-fences)
  • Speed rules may be applied only to  certain vehicle IDs or groups
  • Speed rules may be applied  only on certain days of the week
  • Speed rules  may be applied only  during certain hours of the day

The Alert Rule software engine within Raveon’s RavTrack PC software program is a powerful tool for identifying speeding vehicles. And once identified, a number of different actions may be taken, including:

  • Alert the operator using a pop-up window
  • Alert the operator buy highlighting the vehicles Icon on the map
  • Alert the operator by highlighting the “Alert” button on the map screen
  • With one click the operator may view all active alerts and see which vehicle have been idling too long
  • Send an email or SMS to notify a third-party of the idling problem

Historical vehicle movement is stored in a database table. Later, it may be retrieved on a report or replayed on the map.

Learn more: View the asset tracking infographic that describes how the Raveon system is structured. Attend the asset tracking webinar where we answer your questions and introduce the Raveon technology.

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