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Map Image

With RavTrack PC and many of our mapping partners, you may use any map image (.jpg, .bmp file) you have for the display on the PC’s map. Raveon provides a simple utility to digitally calibrate a map image. And if you need assistance, Raveon also provides map calibration service.

RavTrack PC can also use .geotiff files, which contain latitude/longitude calibration data embedded in their files.

RavTrack PC can also import ESRI shape files, overlaying them on the current map.

And when you use RavTrack PC for your vehicle tracking system, you can also add your own custom points of interest (POIs) to the map. By placing POIs on the map, you can identify locations with special meaning. These POIs can also then be included in the alert rules you create for your system. Alerts may be generated by certain vehicles getting near individual POIs, or being too far away from a POI. With a click of the mouse, the operator can determine the closest POI to any tracked vehicle.

On the map image, you may also draw your own shapes. Any shape you draw on the map my be used as a “Geo Fence”. Geo Fences are used when you create an alert rule. Rules may be configured to trigger alerts when a vehicle enters as geo-fence, exits a geo-fence or speeds within a geo-fence.

Map Examples:


On Site

Golf Course


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