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Improve Safety with GPS

Improving safety is a primary feature of Raveon’s AVL technology. Many different departments and industries can benefit by incorporating vehicle tracking into their system.

  • Fire Departments can use AVL to see when an ambulance will be arriving
  • Police Departments know where their officers are, even when the officer himself may be unsure or unable to say.
  • Commanders coordinating wild-fires in remote areas can track their units and volunteers, quickly dispatching resources when help is needed.
  • When cellular-based tracking systems fail in an emergency, first-responders have a reliable system that works everywhere.
  • Taxi and delivery companies can install panic buttons to immediately send alerts when being robbed or needing assistance.
  • In-cab AVL displays allows heavy equipment in mines to know where other vehicle are before they have a collision.
  • Racers, search-and-rescue, and many others who operate in very remote areas can quickly locate who they are looking for.
  • Rental-boat operators can see when one of their boats is in trouble, lost,or misused.
  • Many drivers will drive more cautiously knowing their speed and vehicle operation is being monitored, logged, and reported on
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