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GPS Aircraft Tracking

GPS Aircraft Tracking

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is today’s most precise navigation resource.

Raveon’s GPS aircraft tracking allows for determining accurate position anywhere on Earth, including near the surface.

The RV-M9 Mil Spec GPS transponder is design for use in aircraft.

Raveon helps to enable land, sea, and airborne users to immediately determine their three-dimensional position, speed and time, 24 hours a day, under all weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

The M9 data transceiver is a rugged MIL810G compliant ½ – 5 watt UHF data radio mode.

Interface options include Ethernet, dual serial ports, USB, and CAN.

It has an optional GPS for use in AVL and asset tracking applications.

Other options include tilt-sensor, EAS encryption, and 25 watt power amplifier.

The M9 has enhanced RF performance, exceeding the RF performance of virtually every radio modem in its class.

Its 3mS PLL makes it fast, and its receiver has an exceptional dynamic range and selectivity.

The RV-M9 is built to MIL810G standards, and is fully submersible for an hour at 1 meter.

The M9 will work in the harshest of physical and RF environments.  RV-M9 Data Sheet

Good Reasons To Use Long-Range RF GPS Tracking Devices in an Aircraft

  1. System Verification: Know the exact location of an aircraft, and verify the Radar is correct.
  2. Antenna Alignment:  Knowing the live location of a device lets you point a directional antenna or dish at the item while it moves.
  3. Put it on people who jump out of air-crafts to know when they jumped and where they went.
  4. Put it on assets tossed out of aircraft on a parachute, to be able to quickly find them when they land on the ground.


Personal Tracker.

People who jump out of Aircraft can be tracked with an ATLAS personal tracker.

You can configure the ATLAS  to update twice a second.

Monitor the exact location of the  person being trained to skydive.

Know exactly when they jump out, and their altitude at all times.

Using 3D GPS tracking software you can watch them come down to earth.

These rugged and waterproof radios a ultra-reliable for GPS tracking.

The are reliable! Once someone dropped one out of their pocket up at 10,000 feet.
They found it, because when it hit the ground, it was still working!
No guarantee the all will do that, but great proof of its reliability.



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