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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The RavTrack M6, M8, M22, and M21 trackers have a U-Blox GNSS receiver within this transponder.  The GNSS command is used to change to GNSS modes available in the GNSS receiver. Prior to 2020, all trasnponders were in GPS mode, and since firmware version G11 was released, the trackers could utilize various version of U-Blox receivers. To be able to also be able to enable Galileo or Glonass, the U-Blox Max M8Q receiver was incorporated into the RV-M8 and RV-M6 transponders.  The Max M8Q also can receive SBAS, IMES, and QZSS. Here is a brief description of GNSS technologies:

A List of GNSS that Raveon’s Transponders can Support since early 2020

0       GPS:            Traditional American GPS tracking

1       SBAS:            Satellite-based Augmentation Systems

2       Galileo           Europe’s own global navigation satellite system

3       BeiDou          Chinese satellite navigation

4       IMES              Japan indoor and outdoor seamless positioning

5       QZSS             Japanese four-satellite regional

6       GLONASS     Global Navigation Satellite System.


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