Dealer Demo System

Dealer Demo System

Raveon now offers qualifying RavTrack distributors a discounted dealer package. The packet includes everything a dealer needs to demonstrate the RavTRack system to a customer.

M7 UHF GPS Transponders (2x)

The M7 GPS transponder transmits location data via UHF radio frequency which can be received by any other M7 in UHF radio range. Each radio might be used as base station or tracking transponder or fulfill both functions. This is possible because the M7 can be set to either transmit or receive data or function both as receiver and transmitter.

Depending on the positioning of the antenna and the environment, location data can be transmitted over several miles or even up to 50 miles (95km).

UHF/GPS Antennas

The dealer package includes two UHF and two GPS magnet mount antennas which can easily be attached to any vehicle. For better performance you might also buy a more powerful antenna for permanent installation at the location which hosts the receiving unit.

Power Supplies

The M7 can be powered via the included car adapter, permanently mounted to a power source wihtin the vehicle or connected to a power outlet via the AC power supply (included).

RavTrack PC
Install RavTrack PC on a desktop or laptop computer to show the location of tracked vehicles on a map. Simply connect the M7 GPS transponder to the computer via serial cable and start the software.

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