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Calibrated MapLib Files

Following are links to pre-calibrated .maplib files for use with the RavTrack PC AVL software program. Click on the link, to download the file you want, and save it into your map directory. The map directory is a sub-directory of the directory where you installed RavTrack PC on your computer. Your map directory is usually located on your C: drive in this location: C:\Program Files\Raveon\RavTrack PC\maps

Once you have stored the .maplib file into your map directory, run RavTrack PC and go to File > Program Properties, and select this map of the golf course.

World and Unites States:   World&USA.MapLib

Whippleville golf course:  Whippleville.MapLib

Texas Panhandle: TexasPanhandle.MapLib

San Diego Streets:  SanDiegoStreets.MapLib

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