450-470 MHz, 300 Watt, 10 dBd, 7 Element HD Yagi, N connector

Gain 10.4 dBd
Bandwidth (MHz) Same as Freq Range
Power 300 Watts
Vert. Beamwidth 50 Deg
Horz. Beamwidth 55 Deg
Front-to-Back Ratio 20 dB
Mounting Hardware 2 3/8″ mast, stainless hardware
Wind Rating (mph.) 125
Overall Length (in.) 43
Dim (H x W x D) – (in.) N/A
Net Weight (lbs.) 4
Ship Weight (lbs.) 9
Frequency Range (MHz) 450-470

The RT-AN-BU1 antenna is typically not used as the primary antenna in a GPS tracking system. Because it is very directional, it is very good as the antenna in a radio link used in your system.

It is a good antenna to use at the base site, when the base must be able to hear a remote repeater. If your base antenna needs omni-directional coverage, then this is not the right antenna to use.

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