Wireless Proximity Alert

collision alert system wireless GPSRaveon offers many options for wireless proximity alerts. A proximity alert system can be as simple as connecting a light or buzzer to the a M7 data radio or it can use RavTrack PC to visualize tracked objects as they move.

Proximity alerts may be set on portable transponders to trigger when they get near other transponders, or enabled on transponders at fixed locations to trigger when another portable/mobile unit gets near it.

Proximity with RV-M7 Transponders

To use the M7 radio in an easy PC-free proximity alert configuration, set the PROX and PROXTO parameters.

  • PROX – The proximity detection radius, in meters
  • PROXTO (PROXimity TimeOut) – Time to keep a proximity alarm active if no further reports are heard. Given in seconds

The proximity alarm will activate whenever a report is received that is closer than the PROX distance. Once the tracked vehicle or person reports that it is further away, or the PROXTO time expires, the proximity alarm will clear. The proximity alarm can be checked in one of three ways:

  1. “P” flag on the local $PRAVE messages, indicating that the local radio has a proximity alarm
  2. “P” flag on $PRAVE messages received over the air, indicating that the transmitting radio has a proximity alarm
  3. DSR line (Pin 6) will output +5V if there is an active PROX alarm. Otherwise, it is at -5V

A proximity alert system is as simple as connecting a light or buzzer. Then, PROXTO can set how the alarm behaves:

  • With PROXTO set to a value such as 3x the reporting rate, your warning light can be on as long as a radio is within the proximity distance.
  • With PROXTO set to 1 second, a connected audible alarm can sound briefly every time a report is received that is within the proximity range. In this mode, an operator will be able to hear and count how many objects are nearby!

Atlas PT serial connector wiring:  Pin 5 is proximity output. Pin 3 is ground.