Man Down Radio

man down radio
Most of us are likely to take GPS location services for granted. We just enter an address into our smart phones and it provides directions to our destination in seconds. But the reality is that vast land areas are not covered by cell service, therefore rendering these solutions useless in emergency situations. While communication satellites provide coverage in most of the world, the cost of these this solution is often prohibitive. This is one of the reasons why corporations and the military are turning to Carlsbad-based Raveon Technologies. The company has expanded its existing line of GPS tracking solutions to include a rugged personal tracking solution – the ATLAS PT.

When Raveon Technologies demonstrated its Man Down Radio, customers were impressed with the company’s solution. “Not only is its built in distress button easily accessible in an emergency situation but the integrated man-down, no-motion detector is capable of alarming a rescue team without any action by the person wearing the device.” said Raveon CEO John Sonnenberg.

Raveon’s personal GPS tracking solution provides a reliable solution that operates independent from cellular or satellite coverage to ensure the safety of the person carrying the device. The unit, which might be connected to a uniform such as an Army Combat Unit shoulder pocket, weighs less than one pound. While commercial tracking devices are housed in simple plastic shells, Raveon’s Man Down Radio’s water-tight metal casing is durable enough to withstand ate least 30 Minutes of submersion, and being dropped from a height of over six feet.

“I was surprised to learn that even the government entities have to pay huge fees for the use of satellites”, states Raveon’s newly appointed marketing director Christian Kameir. “So, in addition to providing devices that can endure the often harsh environments of field operations, our tracking devices pay for itself in a few months since there are no recurring fees.”

To ensure maximum operating time, the ATLAS PT uses smart-battery with a built-in microprocessor. The locator has the ability to turn the radio and GPS circuits completely off for a preset amount of time, saving battery power and extending the usability of the device to more than 48 hours. Even if the internal battery should run out the soldier can attach an external battery to the unit to further extend the usage. A self-contained, portable, multi-unit charger is capable of simultaneously charging 10 ATLAS transponders, batteries, or complete assembled devices.

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