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Raveon is your Complete Solution Provider

At Raveon, we provide everything you need to setup your own automatic vehicle tracking system or Asset Tracking system – including in-house Technical Support, GPS transponders, antennas, cabling, software and power supplies. We are there to ensure your RavTrack system works, but you won’t be receiving a monthly bill or have to sign-up for a service contract. This is the RavTrack difference.

  1. UHF Radio Based – You own the radio channel. No monthly fees.
  2. Wide-range of solutions: from simple tracking to sophisticated asset management.
  3. Huge selection of display options. From simple GPSs and plotters, to PC applications and distributed client-server systems.
  4. A Raveon model RV-M7 Transponder does it all. It works as a:
    • Transponder
    • Base Receiver
    • Repeater
    • GPS Interface
GPS Transponders The M7 GX is the best UHF GPS radio transponder on the market. It is installed in the vehicles to track their position and status, and may be connected to a 11V battery for portable operation.
Repeaters To extend the range of your system, a repeater may be installed at strategic locations, such as on a tall building, tall hill, or radio tower.
Base Stations The M7 GX is also used as the “base station” in the system. It receives the position reports from the transponders, and outputs them via its RS232 serial port. The base stations may be connected to a PC, or to a terminal server on a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.
Mobile Displays Connect an M7 to a GPS navigation display, such as a Lowrance or Garmin GPS, and you can monitor the location of all of the transponders in your system.
Antennas Raveon has a wide variety of antenna options, and will assist you in choosing the appropriate antennas for your system.

Learn more: View the asset tracking infographic for information and attend the asset tracking webinar where we introduce the Raveon technology.

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