Tracking Police Vehicles with GPS

police car gps tracking with Raveon UHF radioPolice vehicle tracking is a growing trend within many cities around the world. Not only does tracking police cars with GPS ensure the safety and accountability of all officers on the force, but it also provides the law enforcement agency, its officers, and citizens a variety of benefits. One of the biggest benefits offered by police vehicle tracking is that it provides those in law enforcement the ability to better deploy available units to fight crime more efficiently. This reduces crime, increases arrest rates, and reduces the amount of officer or civilian injuries. Another benefit offered by tracking police officers with GPS is the ability to locate missing or lost police officers or their vehicles in the line of duty.


The benefits of tracking police cars with GPS are not limited to safety and accountability issues. In fact, many law enforcement agencies that utilize police vehicle tracking have been known to reduce costs associated with labor hours, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance. Tracking police vehicles with GPS can also help to reduce carbon emissions. In turn, this helps law enforcement agencies within the community promote a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Raveon Technologies offers law enforcement agencies unique solutions for police vehicle tracking. Through its RavTrack products, law enforcement agencies will be able to ensure officer and civilian safety, enforce work-zones, reduce labor hours and wasted time of officers, and monitor police vehicles for unnecessary speeding. Because Raveon Technologies uses private radio networks (CS1) to transmit GPS location, police vehicle tracking has never been more cost effective. This is because there are no monthly fees associated with the use of the technology. Additionally, the private radio networks allow law enforcement agencies to track police cars and track police officers with GPS faster and more frequently than competing GPS tracking solutions.