GPS Employee Tracking

GPS employee tracking is becoming a common trend in all types of work environments. From corporate businesses, to government offices, to industrial facilities, many employers have begun to see the benefit of tracking employees with GPS technologies. When employers track staff with GPS, they not only increase productivity, but they also reduce labor costs and improve employee accountability. These benefits are attributed to the employer’s ability to access and maintain real-time location information on their personnel and employees through its GPS employee tracking systems.

Raveon Technologies offers this technology to all types of employers through its RavTrack AVL products. RavTrack Atlas PL, its GPS personnel and employee tracking system, has proven to assist employers in various industries in maintaining location information on all applicable employees and personnel. The product’s real-time GPS employee tracking feature allows employers to receive the most up to date and accurate position and status updates. After employers have installed its GPS employee tracking systems and software, they will possess the ability to monitor and track staff with GPS from any location, anytime. With a click of the mouse, the location information of each employee will easily be displayed on the computer monitor at the home office or from an off-site location.

Tracking employees with GPS has never been more affordable with RavTrack AVL Products. This is because there are no monthly service charges and fees. Additionally, the RAVTrack GPS requires no secondary sources and features an open software interface that allows the GPS employee tracking systems to be used with many different AVL software options. Unlike its competitors, Raveon Technologies uses VHF/UHF radio channels. This allows employers tracking employees with GPS technologies to experience limited interruptions in their service, improved security monitoring, and access in remote areas. Because an internet or mobile connection is not required, RavTrack GPS will allow all employers to track staff with GPS technology and maintain their location information even if mobile phone systems fail.