Who’s Tracking You? GPS Tracking Security

GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful technology that can speed emergency response, improve efficiency, and provide a safety link to support personnel.  Raveon Technologies sells real real-time tracking system so business, agencies, and commanders, can track their personnel, assets and vehicles.

Raven’s private tracking system uses a very secure AES encryption algorithm, so that only authorized radios can track the GPS transponders.  It would be bad, and maybe even disastrous if GPS tracking were not secure.  Law enforcement, military, and security forces use GPS tracking to do their job and GPS tracking provides extra security for their operations.  And if the bad guys were able to track them, their operations and their lives could be in jeopardy.

This is why Raveon takes GPS tracking security very seriously, and tracking systems based upon less-secure communication methods should be carefully considered.  Most all other GPS tracking systems us cellular radio technology, such as GSM networks to send their data.  Anyone using a public GSM system must carefully assess all aspects of the system’s security.

In 2009, a German computer engineer announced that he’s deciphered the 21-year old 64-bit encryption algorithm that protects the GSM standard.  According to the New York Times, the German encryption expert “aimed to question the effectiveness of the 21-year-old G.S.M. algorithm” and its use to protect the world’s GSM based GPS Tracking communications.  Having the code itself isn’t enough to eavesdrop, but it certainly helps people along the path. The GSM Association responded by calling the publication “theoretically possible but practically unlikely.”


It may be only a matter of time before the technology is readily available to eavesdrop on GSM communications.   Right now, it is believed that only the US military and certain foreign governments have the ability to eavesdrop on GSM communications.  Technology marches on, and the security of GPS tracking using GSM networks may be left behind.

See www.ravtrack.com for mor information about secure, private GPS tracking.