Vehicle Tracking Message Formats

When a Raveon GPS Transponder received an over-the-air position message from a tracked car, boat, truck, or person, it sends a message out of its serial port.  The message it outputs contains the ID of the vehicle that it received the position report from, along with the vehicle’s latitude and longitude.

A typical message would look like this:


The above message is in Raveon’s proprietary PRAVE message format. It was from vehicle 0003 whose position is at 33 8.888 North, 117 13.1500 West.  Details of the PRAVE message are in the M7 transponder user manual, and on this Tech Blog at

Raveon’s M7 series of GPS transponders have various built-in drivers enablinging them to output vehicle positions in a variety of different formats.  Some formats are in the industry standard NMEA 0183 and other message types are in proprietary formats.  The type of message that the M7 transponder sends out it serial port may be configured by the user, using the GPS x command.

Below is a list of message formats that the M7 Transponder supports:

  • TLL ($GPTLL) NMEA format Target Lat-Lon
  • WPL ($GPWPL) NMEA format Waypoint Location
  • GSV ($GPGSV) NMEA format Satellites in View
  • GGA ($GPGGA) NMEA format Essential Fix Data
  • PRAVE ($PRAVE) Raveon format Multi-Target Lat-Lon and More

For details on the PRAVE format please see this article

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