Tracking Alerts via SMS

Your Raveon RavTrack PC GPS Tracking System can send “Rule Alert Messages” via email when triggered by a GPS tracking rule.  GPS tracking Rules may be based upon vehicle speed, proximity, idle time, geo-fences, and many other conditions.   When a rule alert is triggered, the rule alert messages may be sent to any email address.

Often, users wish to send an alert to a mobile device using Short Messaging Services (SMS).  Cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones, and many other mobile communication devices can receive SMS messages.  And sending a Rule Alert Message to them is very simple.

To send a GPS tracking alert from RavTrack PC (Raveon’s GPS tracking software),  configure the “mail to” address to send the alert message to, to the mobile-devices wireless carrier’s email server, using the telephone number of the mobile device as the email address.  Different wireless carriers use different email address formatting (See list below), but in general, the email address will be something like:    where 760-555-1212 is the telephone number of the subscriber.

The domain listed after the @ sign depends upon the carrier, and the list below shows some common carriers and their email domain names.

Virgin Mobile:
Bell Canada:

Remember, SMS is a short-message service, and the carrier may break long messages up into multiple short messages.   SMS is often not free, and the users of SMS must pay a per-message fee.  The recipient of the GPS tracking alert SMS may be billed by the wireless carrier for each alert message received.

The email server and address that the Rule Alerts are emailed to is configured in RavTrack PC by selecting  FILE>PROGRAM PROPERTIES and then clicking on the “SERVERS” tab.  On the Servers tab, you will see the boxes to fill-in the email address and email server information.