Restricting client views of tracked objects in RavTrack PC

When using RavTrack PC for multiple clients or departments it may be convenient to restrict the ability of a particular client to track or view only specific assets.  For instance if you are tracking police, fire, and public works vehicles you may want supervisors from each of those individual departments to see only the vehicles within their department.

Currently RavTrack PC allows you to set the viewing privileges on a WorkStation by a WorkStation basis.  In the future we anticipate a version of RavTrack PC will allow you to set these privileges on a user by user basis.

To set a WorkStation client priveleges there are essentially three basic tasks involved.

First, create specific groups of vehicles and add the pertinent vehicles to the proper group.

Second, set the WorkStation capabilities to view just the specific group appropriate for that WorkStation.

Third and most importantly fix the user capabilities for the WorkStation so that a particular user cannot override the settings.

Here are the detailed steps involved for each task.  Perform these as an administrator user.

Create groups and assign vehicles to particular groups.  In RavTrackPC there is a default group named “everyone” where all vehicles or tracked assets are automatically assigned as members of the group.  You may assign vehicles or other tracked objects to another group of your choice.  These objects will all remain as members of  the everyone group as well, but any specific object or vehicle cannot be a member of more than one additional specified group.  Plan your groups accordingly.

If the group you want does not already exist, from the main menu bar in RavTrack PC choose file . program properties . program operations tab . click on the button “add a user group” naming it however you prefer.  Save and exit program properties.


To add a a vehicle to your group, first find the vehicle you want to add to the group in the database window on the left hand side of the main screen.  If you can’t find the vehicle ensure you have selected “everyone” and no filters are used.   Double click the vehicle name and the Edit Object Properties window will appear.  The vehicle name should already be in the appropriate box, simply pull down the group name (immediately below) and add the vehicle. (Hint: To add a lot of vehicles you can scroll through a series of IDs on the left side). Save and Exit the window.


Restrict the workstations’ view to a particular group. From the main menu bar in RavTrack PC choose “User Groups”.  The list will show all available groups.  Simply check the group(s) you want to allow to be viewed.  Ensure the group “Everyone” is not checked.

Fixing a users abilities so they cannot override the settings.  You must ensure that each user has a login on only the appropriate workstations, and that they are forced to log in  User logins may be shared amongst your users at your option.  Ensure the user login privileges are restricted as appropriate for their status.  From the main menu bar in RavTrack PC choose file . program properties . Users and Login tab . Create a user name and password, check the “Require user to login upon program start” box, and check the appropriate privilege boxes for the users’ status within your organization.  In the example below the user can only acknowledge alert and run reports.


You are finished.  Should you have any questions, or suggestions for future enhancements, please feel free to contact us, and thank you for being a RavTrack user!