Microsoft SQL Server Version Comparison

Microsoft SQL Server may be used as the database engine for the RavTrack PC AVL system.

A free version is available from Microsoft, called “Express”.  For small AVL systems where the number of tracked vehicles is small (< 25) and the update rate is fairly slow (< 30 seconds), then the EXPRESS version is probably a good choice. But, for systems requiring higher performance, Microsoft provides a number of high-performance options.

The following table describes the primary differences between the various SQL implementations.

Scalability and Performance

Feature Express Workgroup Standard Enterprise Comments
Number of CPUs 1 2 4 Max OS supported Includes support for multicore processors.
RAM Used
1 gig(GB) 3 GB OS maximum OS maximum Memory limited by operating system.
64-bit Support Windows on Windows (WOW) WOW Available Available
Database Size 4 GB No Limit No Limit No Limit
Partitioning Available Support for large-scale databases
Parallel Index Operations Available Parallel processing of indexing operations
Indexed Views Available Indexed view creation is supported in all editions.