Microsoft SQL Server User Logins

When you choose to use Microsoft SQL Server for your RavTrack PC database, all of the location information of the GPS tracked vehicles will be stored in the SQL database called “RavTrack“.   You must create this database manually using Micrtosoft’s Management Studio software program, and then assign the user login rights to the database.  RavTrack PC will create the tables within the database. 

The steps to take to setup the RavTrack SQL database in SQL Server 2005 or 2008 are as follows:

  1. Using the Management studio, create a database with the name “RavTrack”. You do not need to create any tables in the database, as RavTrack PC will create them the first time it connects to this database.
  2. Using Management Studio, create security login accounts for the users that will be using RavTrack PC on the network.  Right click on Databases > Security > Logins > New Login…  to create a new login account for each user. Set the Server Role to “serveradmin”. 
  3. Using Management Studio, assign the new user login to the RavTrack database.  Right click on Databases > RavTrack > Security > Users . Add User…  to add the new user to the database.  Set the Role Members” to db_datawriter and db_datareader. S2

Management Studiois a very good tool to use not only for configuring SQL Server, but also to verify that connections to the RavTrack database are OK.   On any workstation that you feel there is a login problem with the database, login to that workstation with the user name and password, run Management Studio, and try to access the RavTrack database.  If you can access it and list the tables, then the user name and password has the proper rights configured on the server. 

There is a verion of Microsoft SQL Management Studio for every version of their SQL Server program.