GPS Antenna Selection

The selection of a proper GPS antenna for a GPS tracking system is very important.  The main criteria to keep in mind when choosing a GPS antenna to work with your Raveon M7 series GPS transponder is:

  1. Amplified.  The antenna must have a build in RF amplifier that will operate off of 3.3V DC.  The power for the GPS antenna’s RF amplifier is feed down the center-conductor of the coax-cable going to the antenna. 
  2. SMA connector.  The RF connector for the GPS antenna is an SMA type connector. The cable will have a male connector on it, and the M7 has the female.
  3. Proper Mount.  GPS antennas are available in many different mounting configurations. 
  4. Proper Environment.  Some antennas are designed to be mounted on the roof of a car, others are suitable in salt-water environment and others are not.  Consult the manufacturer for information on temperature range and environmental restrictions. 

Raveon offers a number of GPS antennas for mobile GPS tracking.  They are shown on the website here: 

The simplest GPS antenna for vehicle mounting is Raveon’s RV-AN-GP2:

universal active gps antenna installation

Talley Electronics ( ) distributes many different GPS antennas, and if you wish to order them from Raveon with your M7 transponder, please just add it to your order, and we will include it with your shipment. 

Talley’s GPS antennas are in their on-line catalog here: 

The MobileMark SM-1575-2C-WHT-180 GPS antenna is a rugged sealed amplified antenna suitable for most any application, even those with harsh environments.