Golf Cart GPS Systems

Raveon’s RavTrack GPS tracking system is the ideal golf cart tracking system to track golf-carts and golf course maintenance vehicles. Golf Cart Tracking

golf cart tracking systemRavTrack GPS tracking delivers helpful, real-time location information and displays it on a map image of your golf course. You can track the carts, mowers, trucks, and workers.  You can see where you mowed each hour, day, or week. You can quickly locate carts to deliver food and beverages.

It also can detect potential theft or abuse of your carts and equipment. You can configure keep-out zones and many other rules to notify the ranger or security if a rule is violated.

The Benefits of Licensed Frequencies

Because Raveon’s RavTrack system uses VHF and UHF licensed UHF radio frequencies, you can easily cover your whole course and have no monthly air-time fees. The RavTrack system is also available on the MURS radio band, which is license-free. It works where GSM radio-based systems don’t and because the airtime is free, your update-rate of cart position and status is the fastest in the industry. You can easily track 75 carts with 15-second update rates.

And unlike the short-range 900Mhz and 2.4gHz solutions, RavTrack will cover your course, and reliably show you where your vehicles are.

RavTrack GPS tracking improves golf course operations by:

  1. Quickly locating specific carts, assets, employees, and vehicles
2. Track valuable assets (carts, trucks, cars, generators, trailers, mowers, security…)
3. Reducing wasted time when locating people.
4. Alarm the supervisor on speed, idle, and location violations .
5. Enforce keep-out zones and course boundaries.
6. Reduce theft by alerting when item move outside of the area.
7. Record and report the battery voltage for each cart
8. Log vehicle use, location, speed, and time for later reporting.
9. See what areas have been mowed or fertilized, by hour, day, week, or any time period

For more information about the RavTrack system:

  • Attend our webinar where we introduce the technology and provide an overview of the system.
  • View a list of some of our Customers. We partner with many diverse companies and government agencies.
  • Learn more about how the RavTrack system is designed by viewing the asset tracking infographic.