Driver Fatigue Management

Spectrum Fatigue, a South Africa based company focused on the mining industry and the distributor of both the Raveon RavTrack real-time GPS tracking system and the new HaoNai Industrial MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitor in South Africa, has successfully integrated the MR688 with Raveon’s  RV-M7 “GX” series wireless GPS/data transponder for its driver fatigue management solution.

The MR688 monitors the driver’s eyes for abnormal closure, indicating the driver may be overly fatigued, and sets an alarm condition accordingly.  The integration, using the digital output from the MR688 connected to the related digital input on the Raveon real-time GPS transponder, allows the transponder to transmit every Alarm/Siren from the MR688 to the mine site remote control room environment, along with precise position information, and immediately pinpoints the vehicle of concern on an operational map of the site.

The control room, uses Raveon’s  RavTrack PC software package to track the mine vehicles in real time, and to capture and alert control room staff of any driver fatigue issues with both visual and audible alerts, and historically logs the event. The RavTrack PC software can also issue an email, text message, or tweet, for alarm notifications to off-site personnel.  The Spectrum Fatigue integration of the MR688 fatigue monitor, together with the advanced features of the RavTrack system,  offers a complete fatigue monitoring and vehicle tracking solution to any Opencast Mining operation.  The system is in operation in a leading South African mine today, and more sites will be implementing the solution soon. Learn more about how the RavTrack mining asset tracking system is organized by viewing the mine tracking infographic.

Driver Fatigue has been identified as a major cause of accidents and  incidents at Opencast Mining operations, and the Spectrum Fatigue solution greatly improves operational safety and efficiency.  According to the owner of Spectrum Fatigue, Pieter Jacobs;  “The implementation of both the MR688 and RV-M7 transponder in a mining truck,  offers our customers the best solution to actively monitor driver activity and fatigue related alarms”.

For more information on this fatigue monitoring and tracking solution email Pieter Jacobs or visit the company website. We also offer a regular webinar where we introduce the RavTrack tracking systems.

driver fatigue management