Displaying A Snail Trail

RavTrack PC has the ability to place “Track Dots” on the map as tracked objects move around.  There are a number of user-configurable features in RavTrack PC that facilitate the Track Dot display, such as color and frequency of the dots. 

To enable Track Dots, open:

File > Program Properties > Units and Display

This panel is used to configure the Track Dot features.  Check the “Draw Track Dots” option to enable Track Dots.  Set the “Dot Size” to a size that is visible on your map.  4-10 is a typical size.  20 is a very big circle-dot.


If you set the “Minimum distance between dots” to zero, they will be drawn on the map every time the transponder reports in.  On some systems, this may clutter the map, so you may want to set the minimum distance to some larger number, say 100 feet.  If it is set to 100ft, then a dot will appear on the map every time the tracked object moves more than 100 feet. 

Normally, the color of the tracked dot will be the color assigned to the particular tracked object.  The settings for each tracked object can be edited by double-clicking on the ID in the tracked object list.  This brings up a window to configure the object’s icon, settings, and track dot color. 


Choose a color that is visible on the type of map you are using.  If you do not want tracked dots drawn for a particular object, uncheck “Place Tracked Dots along path”.