Crystal Reports Installation Issues

Integrated into RavTrack PC GPS Tracking software is a powerful report generating software program called Crystal Reports from SAP.

As part of the RavTrack PC installation, a run-time redistribution module is installed on the computer along with RavTrack PC. The Crystal Reports run-time module allows crystal reports to be generated by RavTrack PC, and viewed by the user.  But, it does not include the report editor.  To customize your own Crystal Reports, you will need to by a full-version of Crystal Reports 10.   The run-time module included with RavTrack PC will give you the ability to view the Crystal Reports you generate with RavTrack PC’s report generator.

Installation Problems

There is often an installation error with the Crystal Reports run-time on certain Windows Vista machines.   If during the installation of RavTrack PC you get an error message about Crystal Reports, you can ignore it because there is a simple solution that can be performed after the installation of RavTrack PC is complete.

If, after RavTrack PC is installed and operating, you get an error when trying to open the report generator in RavTrack PC  (View > Reports), then you should manually install the Crystal Reports 10 run-time module.  To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Close RavTrack PC.
  2. Install the 32 bit version of the Crystal Reports Runtime for Visual Studio if you are using for Windows XP or a 32 bit version of Vista, 7, and 8.  Install the 64 bit version if you are using the 64 bit versions of Windows OS.
  3. Download the Crystal Report run-time module from Raveon’s server at:
  4. Unzip the file to your local disk.
  5. Open Explorer, and go to the directory where the .zip file was stored to.
  6. Double click on the  CR_install_xxxxxx.msi file to run the installation program.
  7. Follow the instructions in the installer, and let it install.
  8. Once the Crystal Reports installer has finished, start RavTrack PC, and verify the report features are working.