Creating and Adding Maps to RavTrack PC

Creating and Finding Map Images

All GPS Tracking software programs need some source of image files to overlay the position of the things being tracked.  The Internet provides a rich source of map images, and this page identifies some of the better sources.  If you find others, please let us know about them. 

RavTrack PC GPS Tracking Software by Raveon uses uses map files stored in the “.maplib” format.  This format was developed by Franson for display geo-referenced map images.   Virtually any type of image may be converted to a “.maplib” file, using the built-in calibration tool within RavTrack PC.   Images or maps that are in the  .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, and .gif file format may be converted.  Aditionally, any file in the “.geotiff” file format may be inported as a .maplib file, and the calibration in the .geotiff file will be used.

Below are some links to websites that provide map imagery for GPS tracking use. 

Topographic Maps in .geotiff format

Low-cost topo  maps, pre-calibrated in .geotiff format.  

Map Image Service

Digital Data Services Inc. provides custom map service.  Contact them if you would like them to create a custom map image for your location.  Remember to ask for the file in .geotiff format, so that you do not have to calibrate it when using it with RavTrack PC.