Convert Map Data Files to a RavTrack PC Map File

How can I convert this high precision map that I used with my previous tracking software, the map info is stored in .dat format?

We can easily convert over data files that have stored map information. We will use Global Mapper 12 to load the files into our editable area, set our projection, and then export as a usable Geotiff. We will then convert that Geotiff into .Maplib Format.

The following steps outline the procedure:

1. Start Global Mapper 12 and select (Open all files in a Data Tree).

For our example, we have have a set of data files stored in a local directory. Select (open all files in a directory tree) and choose the directory your files are stored in.

2. Set Options for your .Dat File

The ASCII options window will show for each data file that loads. For our example, we will leave the default values and select OK. Repeat this for each Data File that loads. Note, depending on the data file and stored vector data, not all data may successfully transfer over. You may see a window that asks "Cancel all remaining data file loads", select no and continue loading your files.

3. Map is Now Loaded Into Global Mapper.

The data files have successfully loaded. We can now edit and export the map image.

4.Set Projection

We must now set the correct projection. Select (Configure) under the Tools menu. Then Select the (Projection Tab). Set the projection and zone your map covers. For our example we are using UTM, ZONE 50. There are many reference maps that can be found online with outlined UTM zones. It is very important that you select the correct projection and zone in order the the exported map image to be usable with RavTrack PC. Select OK when finished.

5. Export Geotiff

Select (Export elevation grid format) under the file menu. In the following windows select Geotiff as your export format. We will now export the map file.

6. Select Output Options

The export options window will allow us to adjust the output settings. Our focus is on the sample spacing/scale option, and the world file option highlighted in the above screen shot. The scaling option will allow you to adjust the output resolution of your image. Increase the values for smaller resolution maps, and decrease these values for larger resolution maps. Select the generate world file option and click OK. Save to a known directory that you can easily find again.


Open RavTrack PC. Click (Map Creation Tool) under the tools menu. We will now take our Geotiff and convert it to .MapLib. Select (New Map).

8. Select your .tif Image

Find the directory in which you saved your Geotiff. Select and open you .tif image.

9. New Map Settings

Leave the new map settings defaulted and select OK.

10. Set Projection Settings

Set the Country, Grid, and Zone that the map covers. Note, these parameters must match the settings you placed when creating the Geotiff. Select Next when complete.

11.Save Your MapLib

Your Geotiff has now been converted. Select (Save Maplib as) under the file menu. Save your completed map into your RavTrack PC map directory. This directory location can be found by selecting Help>About RavTrack under RavTrack PCs help menu. After the Save is complete, exit the map creation software.

12. Select Your New Map

Your Map is now ready to be used with RavTrack PC. Select (Program Properties) under the file menu in RavTrack PC. Your map should be located in the lower left hand area of the window. Select your Map and click Save and Exit.


The conversion is complete. Select (Go to Map) under the view menu. Center your map, and your done.