Configuring DB9 cable with Intel Atom Motherboard

If you are using an Intel Atom motherboard and processor combo as the base station for a Ravtrack vehicle tracking system, the computer may not boot properly due to the radio supplying a signal on the DB9 connector to the RD input of the computer.  When RD input (pin 9 of the DB9 RS232 serial connector) is powered as the PC boots, Intel motherboards have problems booting.  There are 2 different ways to go about fixing this problem. The simplest one is to unplug the serial cable from the radio at boot and then plug back in once computer is booted. The other option is to cut one of the wires in the DB9 ribbon cable.  To do the second option, first open up the computer case and locate the serial cable that goes from the com port on motherboard to the radio.

Once you have located the cable, next take off the cover of the DB9 cable on the other end where it plugs into the radio to expose where the ribbon cable is soldered onto the connector. This is where we cut the cable so as to keep it covered and looking clean.

The wire needing to be cut is the second one from the right when looking at the connector from the bottom. It is recommended that you take out a small section of the wire so as to not risk any accidental contact.